What is RugLabz?


The RugLabz project is an NFT incubation project and has been created to provide a safe and rewarding space for all investors. We do this by bringing several amazing NFT projects to them, all under one umbrella.
The project is built on the foundation of several different NFT projects which we have either built or adopted. We use the funds gained from the tokens buy/sell tax, to develop and grow each NFT project. As each project develops its own utility and revenue, a percentage of this is then passed back to the token holders as a ROI.

Our Mission Statement

Restore trust back in crypto, grow the Web3 space and to push the boundaries to bring fresh and innovative ideas to this space.

How is this achieved?

We achieve our mission by keeping our eye on the NFT space and keeping active in the Web3 Industry, we identify potential projects which may need RugLabz support and invite projects founders to speak to us if they need help and would enjoy the benefit of being part of our RugLabz ecosystem.
We also rely on the communities word of mouth, to point out any previous projects they have been rug pulled in, we then try to contact the founder to acquire the project, add it to the RugLabz group, revive the project bringing the benefits and perks of the restored project back and helping previous investors so they don't lose money on their initial investment.
If the acquisition is successful we then use our resources to stabilise the project, add our base utilities and then work on creating the projects own utility to bring value back to the investors old and new. Once this has been achieved and we are happy that the project is sustainable, we then place a team to run the project under the supervision of Ruglabz, this is generally from the long standing members of the community. If no members of the community want the responsibility, we then consult our pool of vetted RugLabz Ambassadors to run the project.
If a line of communication can't be achieved by RugLabz to the failed project, we then offer another service to the holders by swapping their worthless Rugged NFTs for our off chain ERC20 utility coin called $RUGZ, these can then be used at the RugLabz Vault to swap for new NFTs with value.
We also create fresh and new innovative NFT projects ourselves to add to the ecosystem to give more utility and revenue to the investors.

The RugLabz Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem currently consists of multiple parts, in brief we have:
  • RugDollz, our flagship project which was the start of it all. Our long term goal for this project is to bring out a Play2Earn educational game, this will be for everyone to play and learn all about the common scams in the crypto space. We believe prevention is better than the cure, and an MMORPG is a fun way to not only help educate people, but also bring web3 to the mainstream.
  • Charged Punks is our second installment to RugLabz. We took over this project as the previous owners had taken all the equity from the project leaving the community with alot of worthless NFTs. We will be morphing this project into an awesome Music NFT launch project, helping aspiring NFT musicians to showcase their art in the form of NFTs.
  • RugLabz Merchandise Store, we set this up at the start of January and have already made some excellent profits selling merchandise from our projects. We will looking at expanding this to not only provide RugLabz with an extra income stream but to also bridge the gap to attract non crypto people to the space.
  • RugLabz Rewards, our flagship RugLabz reward system developed by the renowned WenMint. All projects that we adopt to the RugLabz ecosystem, if they have an original collection, we first add this to our universal reward system. This automatically gives utility back to the NFT which would of otherwise been worthless. This is a soft staking process and yields our off chain utility coin $RUGZ which can be traded at our in house RugLabz Vault.
  • The RugLabz Vault contains NFTs not only from all the projects that reside under our umbrella, but also from all the sponsorship projects we have been honored to of collaborated with. These NFTs can either be bought using our utility coin $RUGZ or won in a raffle using you $RUGZ to purchase a ticket.

What Can RugLabz Offer me?

Being a part of the RugLabz family, not only will offer you a number of amazing projects brought to you all in one place, but we also offer great rewards in the form of competitions, giveaways and you will become a part of an amazing loyal community and make friends for life all over the world.
With the introduction of an on chain ERC20 coin, you can now not only invest in just one single project in our ecosystem, but you are now able to invest in all of the projects together. Buying the RugLabz native coin $RLBZ and holding instantly gives you 3% reflections on transactions, it also gives you access to some exclusive perks and benefits available only to the holder of our coin such as, WL opportunities, Limited edition NFT airdrops and also enjoy a share of the profits from all the NFT projects that are a part of RugLabz.
From the beginning RugLabz has ensured we had made strong connections and partnerships with several projects all over the NFT space. With this we are able to offer amazing opportunities and perks from not only our project, but mutiple other projects in this industry including fractionalising assets to amazing DAOs.
We strive for safety in the Crypto space and with all the core team being Doxxed, we are setting the standard of what a crypto project should stand for in this ever growing industry which has been tarnished time and time again.
Last modified 7mo ago